ID386 - Prerequisites / Requirements

Before subscribing to this alert, please review these STRICT REQUIREMENTS/PREREQUISITES for this alert:

  1. The email box collecting these meter reading responses will need to ONLY be for those emails. We can't access an email box with varying types of emails in it. If needed, please create a rule in your general email box moving/redirecting these eAgent meter reading responses to its own unique mailbox. That unique mailbox will be what our alert will go to per your variable settings.
  2. The setup of this alert process will need to involve IT department and your meter reading department for this process to work for such things as email mailbox access, passwords, review, etc.
  3. An important aspect to this alert process is there is always still requirement of staff to watch the email mailbox daily, human oversight is still required. Staff will need to monitor the email box daily to catch errors and unread emails daily (perhaps at end of day). The alert process ONLY considers unread emails.
  4. Since the customer is reporting the meter reading(s), it is not CEO Juice responsibility to ensure these meter readings are correct. CEO Juice is not held liable for any meters reported through this process that are incorrectly reported to you. It is imperative your staff review meter readings and ensure your meter reading validation set up in eAuto is in place to meet your meter billing requirements.
  5. If your customer doesn’t enter the reported meter reading in Current Reading box exactly, the alert will not import the meter reading. The email response will remain as unread in the In Box and will need to be manually entered in eAuto. Once entered manually, please make sure the email stays marked as ‘read’ so the alert doesn’t continue to try to process it. The alert process ONLY considers ‘unread’ emails.
  6. Meter types set as virtual cannot be handled by this alert process
  7. Please note, this alert process is not like automated meter capture software (i.e. FM Audit, PrintFleet) as there is NO direct link between the machine and our alert process. We are just picking up emails and the content within that email.


Please feel free to email with any questions you may have.

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