ID299 - Duplicate Serial Number Created in Equipment File (Regardless of Model) Overview & Sample:

To ensure all your ACTIVE equipment records have unique serial numbers, this alert will let you know when there are duplicates regardless of the make / model. (eAutomate will not allow duplicate serial number to be entered for the same model, but will let you enter a duplicate if the host model is different.) 
If you only want to check for duplicate serial numbers on HOST models put the word HOST in VariableW. Use this option if your company is not using the serial numbers from inventory for creating accessory equipment records and you're using the HOST serial number as the accessory serial number. If you want to check for duplicate serial numbers regardless of whether the model is a Host or Accessory, enter ALL in VariableW.
VariableX is used for the loop back thru the equipment file where we try to identify any duplicated serial numbers. ALL in VariableX indicates that you want to know of any existing duplicate serial numbers regardless if the duplicate is active or not. ACTIVE only looks back into other ACTIVE equipment for a duplicate. 
NOTE: This alert reports the contract number for the serialized items and it is likely that it will repeat for any duplicate serial numbers that are on multiple active contracts. 
The default schedule for this alert is weekly on Monday mornings.
Variable W - All/HOST: Enter ALL to check for duplicates irregardless of HOST/ACCESSORY model type. Enter HOST to check only for duplicate serial numbers on HOST models, ignores all accessory models. Default value is HOST.
Variable X - ACTIVE/ALL: Enter ACTIVE to look for duplicates against other ACTIVE equipment only. Enter ALL to check back for any duplicate serial numbers in the equipment file. Default value is ALL.
Sample Alert:
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