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We love feedback and get lots of it and thanks to everyone who takes a moment.

As we grow and get more clients we are trying to do a better job of getting feedback on specific alerts. Not just what you like or what's missing, but letting you see what feedback others give and allowing you to say "me too". That allows us to focus development on what you care most about.

To give feedback anytime you can just go to and search by alert ID number:


Enter the ID number and click Go to see any feedback entered for that alert:


1. Don't see any feedback that matches what you'd like to add? Click on the Add Feedback button to create a new feedback entry. 

2. If there is existing feedback that you would like to see added to an alert, click on the thumbs up to add your vote.

3. To see more details on an existing feedback entry, click on the entry title.


To add new feedback:

Click on the Add Feedback button.


1. Select the alert you wish to enter the feedback on in the drop down list, or choose General Feedback or Website to comment on.

2. Enter your feedback in the text box.

3. Click on OK to enter your feedback.


The detailed feedback entry shows:


1. Any comments on the entry

2. If you would like to add a comment, enter the text in the box and then click on the Add Comment button.

3. You can check the "Send me an email when CEO Juice resolves this" to get an email when the issue is resolved.

4. You can also be informed when someone comments on the feedback by checking the "Send me an email when someone comments on this" box.

5. This link will take you to your alert subscription, if the feedback is tied to an alert.

6. Click on the Keep me Updated button to follow this feedback.


We also give you a link at the bottom of every email report we send, next to the alert ID number and schedule.



This link will take you directly to the feedback page of the website, where you can search for existing feedback or add new. You can vote on other people's feedback, or just tell us what you like or don't like! Thanks in advance!


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