ID700 - Juice Background Tables (JBT) Overview & Sample:

Most of you will be familiar with the ECi add on for eAutomate called Digital Analytics. It's a tool that creates a set of background tables that make analyzing service contracts much easier.

Every night these background tables have to update for our reports to be accurate.

These tables are used by all our processes around service contracts, things like our Excessive Toner alerts (ID315/758/350), our Contract Profit processes (ID768/773/150 etc), QBR/Account Review (ID258), Machines in Field (ID923), Technician Profit (ID235).

The update process has been a problem since 2012, roughly 50% of the updates fail each night and Juice has 2.5 people full time fixing Analytics. Some of our larger clients have never been able to get Analytics to run. ECi has been working hard to come up with a new version but has hit some roadblocks. Some time ago we decided to build our own version in tandem with helping ECi get their new version out. 

Our version is now live. Our most popular processes (the ones listed above) have been updated to use these new tables and as long as you are "Auto Deploy" as most clients other than ECi Hosted are, then we have already pushed the new versions out to you.

There is no need to subscribe to this alert as we will install these automatically for all our clients.

Your Digital Analytics tables will still be in place and we expect you may want to use them for some eViews, the most popular being Model Profit. We plan to roll out an OnDemand version in the next few months.

You can tell the processes that use Digital Analytics as they have a TAG of Analytics.
As we move alerts from Analytics to the new Juice Background Tables we are taking off the Analytics TAG and adding a TAG of JBT.

We do need feedback on any additional info you get from the Analytics eViews to see if there are other reports we need to create. You may see very subtle differences in some numbers between Analytics and JBT due to "rounding issues". 

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