ID886 - Daily Summary of New Orders Who Did Not Have an Email Overview & Sample:

ID886 is an end of day summary reporting Sales Orders created that day and how many did or did not have a contact with an email linked. We also show who the "Creator" was so you can see who is effective at getting emails. Includes order #, order status, customer and contact info if linked.

Emails on orders are needed for our processes to keep your customers updated on their orders:

ID220 surveys a supply order,

ID216 emails your customers when supply orders are entered,

ID200 emails your customers when supplies are shipped with tracking data.

Use Variable W on the subscription if you only want to report specific order types, for example to only monitor Supply Orders. By default, it reports on All order types.

Sample of Alert Output:


See ID165 to notify the eAutomate creator within a few minutes of them entering the order and they forgot to link a contact with an email.


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