ID518 - Are your Vendors Raising Prices Overview & Sample:

Are your vendors slowly raising prices, and not making you aware?

Did you negotiate a great deal, and then discover your purchasing department is paying more?

If a vendor raises an items price by a couple of dollars, an administrator will typically just put in the new invoiced price which will automatically update the preferred item price. Small price changes are often not seen by your staff as significant, but several incremental changes can have a serious overall effect.

ID518 is a report you run on demand, that will show trends on price changes by vendors. 

**Please be aware that the report assumes that your items have both a Service Code and Sales Code assigned. Items without both of these will not populate on the report.

In eAutomate / Custom reports folder:


Filter options: narrow down by certain vendors, items, date range, if needed.


1. Receipt amount on PO

2. Price entered on invoice

3. Shows the difference, increase (or decrease) for that purchase

4. Reports the total of all increases in costs for the date range for that item.


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