eAgent - Auto Invoicing Service Calls

eAgent offers a task that can auto invoice service calls that passes all the 'checks' in eAutomate (more details on those checks below).  You can choose to limit the calls that get auto invoiced to just those that are completed in Remote Tech or all calls (again, see below for more details on the settings available).

Start by opening up eAgent, if you are running EA 8.7 or above then login to eAuto and go to Tools -> eAgent.  Otherwise it will be a separate 'program' with an icon, similar to how you would find eAutomate.  Once in select 'New' on the top left, that will open up a screen where you can choose which task you would like to create, select 'Auto Invoice Service Calls'.



Once you click OK it will open up the actual task.  You will want to make sure you set the Task User to 'Admin' and mark the task 'Enabled' (once you are ready for it to actually be enabled of course).


The options section is pretty much up to each individual company to decide what they are comfortable with eAgent handling. The first option is whether to process requests only from Remote Tech and if you want the details to show on the service invoice. We find that about half of our clients want to show details on service invoices and the other half doesn't, again, that's up to the individual company to decide.  If you leave it unchecked it will not show things like labor, travel, and parts used on the call; it will just show the basics.

The second option is 'Do Not Invoice if Warnings Exist'.  We recommend leaving this checked.  The warnings it's referring to can be found in eAutomate. Go to Tools-> Options -> Service Calls -> Additional Options tab at the bottom (see image below).  We also have ID219 which essentially checks most of the same things and will alert if anything falls outside of the parameters you've set.


Third option for the eAgent task is 'Ignore Customer not Associated with Contract Warning'.  It doesn't hurt to keep that one checked so we recommend leaving it.

The final two options are up to the company to decide if you want to invoice zero dollar service calls or not.  An option is to setup another instance of the eAgent task to handle the zero dollar service calls.


The next tab is the Email Settings:


You just need to set the From email address and if you want anyone Bcc'd.  The only time you can fill in the From and BCC field on this particular task is when the option is checked to 'Process requests only from Remote Tech'.  When that option is not checked then it is going to use the From address that is set in the SMTP settings.  That can be found by selecting Options from the main eAgent screen. If you expect to be sending a lot of emails in that task we recommend setting a 5 second delay to avoid submission rates being exceeded.


You can likely skip the Fax Settings step and go straight to the schedule step:


This one is fairly straight forward, you just choose how often you want the task to run and if you only want to it to run for a certain range of time.

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