ID265 - Alert When New Call is Created via EInfo - Overview and Sample

This alert will notify the technician when a new call is created in eInfo. The alert can text or email the technician. This alert should also be used to link a contact to a call so the call can be surveyed and get call updates (ID109/ID181). Variable Y is where you set the creatorid of the users to report on when a call is entered with that user id. (Default is 'einfo'). Note that Variable X functionality is specific to version 20121203 and newer.
The default schedule for this alert is to run hourly.
Variable W - put Text here to have message sent as Text message: Enter Text to have message sent to the text messaging device, otherwise leave blank and the alert will send to the tech's email address. Default value is blank for email.
Variable X - Optionally you may trigger on calls automatically: Optionally, you may trigger on calls automatically to one given tech by setting their AgentNumber here (your unassigned tech, for instance, or your out of territory holding tech). The default value is blank.
Variable Y - Creatorid used for web calls: Createrid(s) used for any automated service that pushes calls into eAutomate. Separate multiple ID's with commas. Default value is einfo.
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