ID845 - Forecast Sale Close Date Expired - Overview and Sample

To ensure accurate data is in the sales pipeline, use this alert to make sure that your sales reps are keeping opportunities up to date. This alert will trigger for any opportunity where the expected close date is in the past.  Variable W Grace Period applies to "toSalesMgr" only, Sales Reps and emails listed in to/cc/bcc will get everything.  (Update required for Compass Sherpa 4.0, please let us know at
The default schedule for this alert is to run daily.
Alert looks at Compass Sherpa to determine who Sales Rep is and uses email from Sales Reps user record in Compass to send to.
Variable W - Grace period (in days): Grace period (in days) to report expired opportunity to sales rep manager only. Default value is blank.
Variable 1 - Exclude Stages: List the stages in Compass Sherpa that should be excluded from reporting, separate list with commas. Default value is blank.
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