ID581 - Advise Sales when Customers Put On or Removed from Credit Hold Overview & Sample:

A daily alert going to sales reps advising them that one (or more) of their accounts have been put on credit hold, or been removed from credit hold. The alert can also monitor other On Hold Types as per VariableW (if, for instance, you have created multiple 'credit holds' for different reasons). The sales rep must have a valid email address in the Employee People record to receive proper notice and it will look to your ID320 subscription to determine where the rep assignment is pulled from.
The default schedule for this alert every 15-minutes.
Variable W - Hold Types to be triggered on: Hold Types for the alert to trigger on, separate multiple on hold codes with a comma. Default value is CH.
Variable X - BranchNumbers to fire the alert for: Branch Numbers to fire on, separate by commas or leave blank for ALL.
Variable Y - Customer Types: Customer Types to trigger on, leave blank for ALL.
Note:  Placing or releasing a hold on the customer record has no effect on any open transaction(s)
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