ID495 - Inventory Adjustment Made Over Certain $ Amount Overview & Sample:

ID495 will advise when an inventory adjustment is made over a certain dollar amount, that you set in Variable W.

There are two options:

Net value: will advise when an overall adjustment exceeds VarW $, can be either negative or positive. For example, someone decreases two items @ $30 each and increases one item for $40, the net change is -$20.

This would be done through an inventory adjustment (Choose Inventory drop-down, adjustments):


Now choose new and pick the type of adjustment (Cost, Increase or Decrease Qty):



Now that the adjustments have been made, it's good to have a way to audit what happened and  the intention of ID495 is to keep you informed of such adjustments.

Absolute value: two items decreased @ $30 each and one item increased at $40 is $100 worth of total change. If using this setting, we recommend setting Variable W low to start, and gradually increasing until you get a feel for what your adjustments normally run.

Note: this alert looks at total Adjustments, not individual items on adjustments.

Variable W = Default is $250. Set dollar amount to trigger on or above

Variable X = Default is True      (False=Net value, and True=Absolute value).

Sample Output:


By default, alert runs hourly, looking for new inventory adjustments that qualify

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