ID427 - Summary of All Calls & Orders on Credit Hold More Than 24 hours Overview & Sample:

ID427 is a daily summary that reports all service calls or sales orders that have been on credit hold for longer than 24 hours (hours set in Variable W). This is to ensure that they are being resolved by your AR in a timely manner. An escalated email will be sent after 48 hours (hours set in Variable X).

Alert will include customer name, transaction # and the number of hours on hold. Note, the alert uses straight clock time not business hours, i.e. one day on hold would be 24 hours.

Variable W: On Hold Hours to trigger on, default is 24

Variable X: Escalation alert hours to trigger on, default is 48

Sample of Alert:


Best practice is to have the on-hold eAgent task automatically put customers on and off credit hold, see this link on how to set that up. Customer record would need this enabled as below.


Other alerts to consider:

ID8 notifies your AR when a new service call or sales order is entered and placed on credit hold, more here.

ID581 notifies sales rep when their customer is added/removed from credit hold, more here


Note:  Placing or releasing a hold on the customer record has no effect on any open transactions.

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