ID653 - Update Key Customer Information in Compass Sherpa, Overview and Sample

Keeping your Compass Sherpa CRM in sync with eAutomate can be a challenge. Suggested Best Practice is that the customer information is always updated in eAutomate and that sales people only keep prospect information updated, but have to request if key customer information is to be updated. We suggest that once a prospect becomes a customer that the key information fields like address, phone, website, etc. are set to read only in your CRM.

Getting info in your CRM and EAuto to talk to each other is crucial if you want your sales reps to be able to access their Customers info and run reports (without using your staffs manpower or having access to edit it in any way). ID653 will let you know what customers updated, which customers did not Update key customer information into Compass. We use the Compass ERP# to match up to eAuto Customer Number. We can update SalesRep/Primary Rep, CustomerName, Address, City, State, Zip, County, Phone and Fax# OR exclude any of these - just let us know what you would like to sync. (The alert will not consider or change any secondary rep assigned in Compass.)

The screenshot below shows Customer Records in E-Auto which have had updates, but cannot be linked to Compass because there is no matching ERP# in Compass:



The screenshot below shows Customer Records in E-Auto which have had updates, and had a corresponding update In Compass because there is a matching ERP# in Compass:



We will need a SQL Authentication user that has full read/write permissions into the Compass database before installing this alert for you. 

*We will install in test mode first so you can review what changes would be made once running live.*


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