ID417 - Alert to Notify the Technician when Chargeable Call Opened/Dispatched:

Ever had a customer call to complain about a chargeable service call?  Customers who are unfamiliar with your rates may not realize what the ultimate bill will be.  Customer approval may be required over specific amounts or a Purchase Order may be required.  Sometimes your customer would rather invest in something new than put a lot of money in a repair.

ID417 is for service calls on equipment not covered by a service contract and are chargeable. It will notify the dispatched technician that it is a chargeable service call. 

Since most calls the techs do are not billable, they just plunge in, replace parts and move on.  Their goal is to get the repair done quickly and correctly.  This alert gives them a "heads-up" so they can call first, advise of the minimum price if they come out on a service call (unless your dispatcher has already done that), or they may go to the call and then after assessing the machine give an estimate to the customer, or even refer back to your sales department



VariableW allows you to choose whether the alert fires at time of Opening or time of Dispatch. If you're sending these alerts direct to tech via the ToTech checkbox then firing at Call Opened is only recommended if you have all your Eqp assigned to the proper tech in eAuto and rarely 'juggle' at time of Dispatch. The alert defaults to Dispatched mode if no setting is entered.

Sample output of ID417:  Information provided includes call date, Customer Name, Who called it in, the Equipment number and the model number.

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