Getting around the Juice Website-Part 2:

You login to the new Juice site from


Once logged in you will see that the menu options change:

1. Subscriptions: where you will make changes to our alerts

2. Surveys: Drop down includes the Survey Dashboard, includes survey results, favorite comments and NPS comparison. Under Survey has a sample of any survey that has been set up for your company (either in test or live).

3. Profile: Manage users (if admin), change password and view minimal company information.

Screen_Shot_2019-03-20_at_2.47.11_PM.png4. We show some videos we recommend like reviewing what alerts you have

5. Other popular videos

6. A list of all the highly recommended processes you are not using

7. A list of all the processes you signed up for that are not running live


Under subscriptions section of the site is where you can search for and sign up for processes.


  1. We have added "Help Circles" to help you navigate, to no longer see them for a specific topic choose "Got It".
  2. Saved searches are shortcuts to filters we think you may need like show me all the processes in test mode, let us know if there are others you would like added in the feedback section.
  3. Tools let you search subscribed process by email etc.
  4. We have color coded the ID button so you can easily see what ones are running etc. You can also use these to filter.
  5. These are links to documentation and feedback.


Click on the ID# button to open the subscription:

1. There are 5 tabs, the Details has most of what you need to turn on a process, Variables tab lets you tweak the process, Related tells you about other processes you may be interested in.

2. Give us feedback here or vote on feedback from other users.

3. See documentation, samples, best practice tips here.



To Turn a Process on:

1. Click the red button to subscribe the alert

2. Option to Snooze an alert that is currently running. Use this feature if you temporarily want to stop an alert from running for a week or two, but you intend to reactivate it soon. A process that you want to permanently stop, select the Unsubscribe button.

3. Activation Status, will be notes from our team on the status, could be reference to 'install ticket created', or confirmation the Install team has installed the alert and it is active, or an alert may be in test mode, and we are waiting on approval from you to switch it live for your customers.

4. Add the emails of who will receive the alert.


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