ID472 - Metered Contract Performance Report Sent XX Days Prior to Contract Anniversary - Overview and Sample

For clients who don't do contract renewals or contract end dates (just contracts that are evergreen) we have this alert that will trigger XX days prior to each anniversary of the contract start date to allow them to get a quick idea as to the performance of the contract over the last year. See alert ID150 for a more complete contract profit alert. VariableW is how many days prior to either the expiration date (if you have contracts expire) OR the anniversary date (for contracts that are evergreen) you want to review. VariableX is the frequency (in days) you want this report to run. The report will use VariableW & VariableX as a range in days so that the same contracts don't repeat on the report (If variable X is set to 30 and Variable W is set to 60, when the report runs, it will show contracts expiring/anniversary date between 30 to 60 days out)  (Dec 2017 To1: not working on alert subscription)
This is also installed as a custom on demand report where you can use the contract/customer advanced selection filters to manually run the report for your selected records. 
The default schedule for the alert is to run Monday mornings.
Variable W - # Days to report prior to expiration or anniversary: Number of days to report prior to expiration or anniversary date. Default value is 90. 
Variable X - Frequency in days to run: Frequency in days to run alert, 7 for weekly. Default value is 7.
Alert Sample:
Report will be attached to email titled "Metered Contract Performance Report"
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