ID741 - Track Changes for Opportunities in Sherpa Overview & Samples:

Currently Compass Sherpa does not track certain key information for Opportunities. This change log will refresh daily with changes to fields like ClosePercent, Status, Close Date, etc. It is required by ID845, ID846, and ID847 if using Compass Sherpa versions below 4.0. Since Sherpa does not keep track of the date an opportunity is created, the existing opportunities will not be able to calculate an opportunity age. However, new opportunities will have the date created in the change log and can track age.



This Alert has 1 Variable:

Variable W = Enter "Yes" if you want to receive a daily report of changes made to opportunities


ID845 - Forecast Sale Close Date Expired - Overview and Sample  For more information Click Here 

ID846: Sales Forecast Due next week -To Rep

ID847: Sales Forecast Due next week Summary to Sales Manager and Owner

Other Compass/Sherpa alerts can be found Here

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