ID144 - Daily Flash Report for AR Invoices AP Invoices POs Created Mtd Ytd by User Overview & Sample:

Want to know who's doing what in your organization?  This report could be used to let you know if users are creating transactions you don't feel fall under their job description.

A flash report is a management report to show activity (# of & $$ Amount) on different transactional items. This report will show the # & $total by the user who created the transaction for each of the following transaction types (Equipment Invoices, Equipment Invoices Credit/Debits, Supply Invoices, Supply Invoices Credit/Debits, Contract Invoices, Contract Invoice Credit/Debits, Other Invoices, Other Invoices Credit/Debits, Vendor Invoices, Vendor Invoice Debit/Credits, Purchase Orders) For invoice types segmented into Equipment/Supply, the report uses the Sales Order type for the sales orders tied to the invoices. The sales order type must contain the phrase (Equipment) or the word (Supply).

This is a custom report that installs in your Reports/Custom Reports in EAutomate to be run on demand.  Some options are shown below: (Sort by Transaction/Sort by Creator)



There are no variables for this report. 

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