ID199 - Compare Snapshot of Previous Item/Whs Min/Max to Current to Report Changes and also Report where Effective Qty > Stockmax Overview & Sample:

Ever wonder why things change?  You have your inventory min/maxes set, you're using all the best practices and then Bingo, something changes. Well, we had a Juice client asking the same questions so we created this alert which will review all StockMin & StockMax changes to warehouse item records. It will also let you know whenever the effective qty (qtyonhand + ordered - allocated) exceeds the stockmax where stockmax > 0. This one alert checks all three statuses for each warehouse/item and reports what triggered the item on the report (change to max, change to min, qty > max). The standard version of this report only monitors warehouses that are either Customer or Technician type.

See below for sample output:  ID199.jpgID199_ScreenShot.jpg


Alert has one variable:

Variable W (Flag to include/exclude qty > stockmax on report )


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