Return to Vendor (RTV) Orders

Return to Vendor (RTV) orders are used to account for items that were returned to the vendor for credit or replacement.  eAutomate comes configured with four RTV order types:

  • Credit RTVs are used when returning an item to a vendor for credit. When you add an item to this type of RTV, e-automate adds each line independently along with its associated quantity.

  • Replacement RTVs are used to send an item back to a vendor and to receive a replacement. This type of RTV acts as both a positive and a negative purchase order. When you add an item to a Replacement RTV, e-automate adds two lines for each item identified; one line type is classified as a return, and the other line is classified as the receiving or replacement line.

  • Advance Replacement RTVs are used when you are receiving a replacement from a vendor and then returning a defective item. The difference between a Replacement RTV and an Advance Replacement RTV is the order in which the transactions occur. When using a Replacement, you return the item and then receive a replacement; with an Advance Replacement, you receive the replacement item before you return the defective item. The Advance Replacement RTV can also help you identify the number of days you have to return the defective item once the replacement item has been received.

  • Repair RTVs are used to track inventory movement for items that may leave your inventory for repair.

Ensure that you have an RTV warehouse set up in e-automate.  Items are transferred into and shipped from the RTV warehouse.  This warehouse needs to be configured as unavailable.  This prevents the items, which are usually defective, from showing up as available inventory in e-automate.



Creating a new RTV Order

To create a new RTV order, go to Purchasing | RTV orders.  When the RTV orders window opens, click on New.


  • Select the vendor from the drop-down list.
  • Enter an appropriate description.
  • Select the RTV order type.
  • Select the purchaser from the drop-down list.
  • Enter the RMA number provided by the vendor.

The QuickAdd button can be used to enter the item and quantity being returned using the default information in e-automate.  Using the Add button allows immediate access to things like costs, warehouse, and expense account.  When complete, click on OK to save the RTV order.



Processing an RTV Order

The item(s) to be returned need to be transferred into the RTV warehouse.  The item(s) will no longer show as available in e-automate.  Once transferred, a shipping record is created.  This allows tracking and proof of delivery.

Click on the Transfer button to transfer the item(s) into the RTV warehouse.

Click on the Ship button to ship the item(s) to the vendor.  Select the Ship method from the drop-down list and enter the tracking number(s) on the Miscellaneous tab.



Completing an RTV Order

Completing an RTV credit order is typically done after receiving credit from the vendor.  This is when transactions are posted to the general ledger.

Click on Purchasing | RTV orders from the e-automate main menu.  Select the desired RTV order and then click on Complete.  The process is similar to receiving a purchase order.  When done, click the OK button.


Replacement RTV Orders

Replacement RTV orders differ in that they require receiving the replacement part into inventory.  Otherwise, they are processed the same way credit RTV orders are processed.


Detailed instructions are available in the e-automate help files.


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