Bulk Update Alert Recipients on CEO Juice Website

Customer admin users to the CEO Juice website are able to utilize a bulk update feature to replace recipients on an alert in mass, instead of going to each alert to make updates.

When logged into the CEO Juice site, click on Subscriptions (1) and then under Subscription Tools (2), click on Tools and choose Replace email recipient (3):


The Replace Email Recipient dialog box will appear:


Enter the email address of the user to replace in the Find box (yellow highlight)

1. Clicking on the Preview button will display a list of alert that the email address is currently receiving.

***We highly recommend using the Preview option to first view the alerts that the user is receiving. You can copy and paste the list of alerts that appear after clicking on preview to Excel to use as a reference point for changes you've made.

Once you click on the Preview button, the list of alerts for that email address will populate:


Simply highlight the alert list and then copy and paste to Excel to have a list of alerts that will be changed. You can also use this method to easily see a list of alerts going to a given email address.

Once you've determined the alerts going to the user, you're ready to replace the email address with the new one.

Enter the new email address to receive the alert in the Replace With box:


2. Clicking on the Replace All button will replace the email address in the Find box with what you have entered in the Replace With box.

***If you leave the Replace With box empty and click on Replace All, you will replace the user email with a blank. This will work if you want to remove a user from the alerts, but please be aware that if the user removed was the only user receiving the alert no one will receive the alert going forward.

If you have any issues with this process, please email and we can assist.

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