ID847 - Sales Forecast Due Next Week Summary to Sales Manager and Owner Overview & Sample:

Sales forecasting is one of the key elements in running your business. Good forecasting can help you develop and improve your strategic plans by increasing your knowledge of the marketplace. The forecast that your sales team provides is the source of information that allows you to manage virtually all aspects of your business.The sales forecast is your best tool to get a good estimate of the demand for the products you sell. Your sales team is the front line for your business and best positioned to gather information about anticipated demand.

Knowing what's about to close and expected revenue, can help you budget for the upcoming months. It can also provide information of where to drill down to find which products need to be in stock to fill those orders.

ID847 shows the Sales Manager/CEO a list of all deals the sales department says will be closing next week. There is also an option to choose which deals above a certain confidence percentage are to be included.

**Sales Rep notification is based on rep who created opportunity, not rep currently assigned to the customer in Sherpa.**

Sample Output:


Variables include: 

  • % Confidence threshold. Use whole number (i.e. if you want to see 70% and higher, enter 70)

  • List, separated by comma, the stages in Compass Sherpa that should be excluded from reporting.

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