ID892 - Conflicting Automatic Rate Increases Set, Overview and Sample

This alert will check to see if you have two or more conflicting automatic rate increases set up on a contract. This is a perfectly acceptable practice when done 'on purpose' and with an understanding of when and how one level will override another. Many of our clients do not routinely set up contracts this way, however, and wish to identify such contracts for review. Requesting client had an issue where two rate increases were set up in a Meter Group with different schedules/rates. One increase was set in the general Meter Group Tab, and a second increase was set within the BW Meter Group, one overrode the other. In some cases two employees were acting without each other's knowledge, one attempting to 'fix' what he thought was unfinished work on the part of the other.

Client example: This alert found the client had base increases set up on the Installment Based Billing Tab of the contract and also on the Base Increases Setup on the Meter Group Tab of the contract. (The base on the Meter Groups Tab of the contract is on the 2nd dollar sign button on that tab.) The one on the Meter Groups Tab needed to be removed and since they weren't using meter group base rates it would effectively do nothing. But that is what this alert is looking for, conflicts for the increases set at more than one level. Both increases DO NOT take place. The meter group increase overrides the over all meter increase.



This alert has 1 Variable:

Branch numbers alert should fire on (separate multiples by comma or leave blank for ALL)

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