ID796 - Warehouses and Bins with No Activity Overview & Sample:

Inventory control can sometimes be a challenge because it's obvious when you need a new Warehouse or Bin but not as obvious when you no longer need an existing one. This alert will provide you with a list of Warehouses and Bins which have seen no activity (stale) in the past W months. You have the option to choose to have it review ALL warehouses (and their bins) or only TECH warehouses.

In addition to providing warehouses and bins that are stale, you will also know how many months since last used. Very beneficial in deciding how to further evaluate the information provided.  Possibly run ID75 Dead Inventory on the warehouse(s) to determine which parts are stale?  See link here .   Are these warehouses linked to sales reps/techs who are no longer active in your company? Maybe there's inventory in them that needs to be transferred.  Maybe there's no inventory and the warehouse(s) just need to be inactivated.  Cleaning these up will make your data selection(s) easier, your reports process faster, and could possibly yield Dead Inventory that needs to be written off.  You may also find discrepancies to clean up.


Variables include:

  • # of months with no activity before triggering

  • Enter 'TECH' for tech warehouses only, otherwise 'ALL'


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