ID646 - Alert when AP Payment for Specified Method (CH = Check CA = Cash or ACH) is Created Overview & Sample:

This alert will give you a daily report of AP payments with the specified methods used.

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If you have a need to monitor AP payment methods to ensure that the proper payment method is used, this alert will report on the payment methods that you specify. This alert will give you a daily report of transactions of the Specified Method and some basic detail. It will also show you reversals of the same Method so you can see any corrections made. 


Run Schedule: Daily

Type of Output: Email


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Variable W: AP payment methods to monitor, the default value is CA for cash. Separate multiple entries with a comma.


Variable XBranch numbers for the alert to trigger on, leave blank to trigger on all branches.


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Alert Functionality

The alert will report on the AP payment methods you define in Variable W, either CH for check or CA for Cash or ACH.


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Best Practices & Tips

None at this time.



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Related Alerts

None at this time.


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