ID248 - Meter Group Credit Rate different than Overage Rate Overview & Sample

Some dealers will give their customers credit for test copies run by the technician, it's important that the credit be at the correct rate.

eAuto has auto increases for overage rates, but not on credit rates causing discrepancies over time. When using the overage method of 'Allowance with credits', your overage rate can be set to auto increase (via Contract Overage Rate Schedule), but the credit rate doesn't auto increase alongside the set overage rate. 

This process will tell you about those contracts so you can fix. 


 Sample Meter Group with Credit Rate different from Overage Rate:



Alert shows Contract Number, Meter Group Name and reports on overage rates different from credit rate



Don't see this overage option? Go to List and Codes / Options / Contracts  / Meters/Overage to select: 


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