ID920 - New Machine In Territory, Overview and Sample

 Ever hear your techs complain about being caught off guard when a new machine is installed in their territory?  They'll ask what is a "insert model"? I've never even seen one of those.  Do I have parts for it?  Supplies?  Is it similar to something I currently service?

ID920 will alert the technicians when a new machine is installed in their territory.  It will give them the opportunity to ask questions, get training, or whatever assistance they may need, before they actually have to show up to work on it.

Sample Output includes Customer Name, Equip Loc Customer, ID# Model#, Notes, Assigned Tech#....see below:




Variables Include:

  • AgentNumbers of Employee Records that represent fictional or The-Unassigned-Tech that the alert should not trigger on (separated by comma)

  • # of days after Eqp Record creation that the alert should fire (allowing you time to complete whatever business practice assigns techs to new Eqp)

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