ID128 - Closed Calls for Previous Week of Bill Code W or Call Type X, Overview and Sample

Service manager might want a weekly list of closed calls to review for a specific type of work performed. To allow for maximum flexibility (yet work within practical limitations of having our alerts work for as many clients as possible) this alert will list all closed calls of Bill Code W or Call Type X or Problem Code Y.  These are OR statements (Bill Code one of VariableW OR Calltype one of VariableX OR problemcode one of variableY) .  If any of those three conditions are met, then the alert will trigger. You may also specify to only include calls for techs assigned to specific managers (in the employee record) in VariableZ.  Leave blank for all, or separate a list of the managers Employee Numbers  with a comma to have the alert include only specific managers.  This alert will send one email for each managers team.



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