ID396 - Alert to Email Tech when there is a New Service Call for Equipment with Previous Meter Reading of "Estimate/Other" Overview & Sample:

Almost every new copier has an option that allows for meter read collection via email or fax. However these options are not always enabled. This alert will send an email to a technician each time that a new service call is opened for an equipment ID that has had a previous meter reading that was "estimate" or "other". Use VariableX to specify whether you want the alert to fire when the call is created or when the call is Dispatched.  In the event the device does not have the DCA (Data Collection Agent) option, or your customer won't allow you to enable it, you might  want the tech to obtain the contact info for the meter reading contact that needs to be assigned.

Sample Output shown below includes, Service Call #, Equipment Location, Equipment ID, Model, Serial, Last Meter Source, and Most Recent Meter Reading Date:



  • BranchNumbers for this alert to trigger on (separate by comma or blank for ALL)

  • 'Dispatch' to trigger only when call is dispatched, or left blank to trigger on call creation (assumes call inherits tech assignment from Eqp or manual assignment by Dispatcher



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