ID497 - New Item (non-equipment with service code assigned) not assigned to a Permanent Bin, Overview and Sample

Client creates and orders new items in inventory, but the warehouse personnel do not assign a physical bin location until the item is initially received. They receive the item into default "MAIN" bin, then they identify a physical bin location that they wish to stock this new item , change that items WHS/Bin defaults to that new bin, and finally transfer that initial received qty into the new bin location and stock accordingly! This alert is to help catch and identify items that are still in the "MAIN" bin with qty indicating that the warehouse forgot to either assign a proper BIN or they forgot to transfer that initial qty out of the default MAIN bin into the newly assigned bin. This process works only by assuming that your using a default whs/bin (ex: Main Warehouse /MainBin) for new items that are being created and ordered so that it can properly identify items that are received into those default bins. It will not work well if you are using multiple bins & multiple warehouses as your defaults for new items. Enter in the Inventory Code(s) in VariableY for this version of the alert.

Example of Item with Default Bin of Main Bin: (Item creation in E-automate)



Sample output of ID497 contains Item #, Description, Quantity, Warehouse and Bin:



Variables include:

VarW = Bins containing string (Where the Bin contains these characters...typically 'Main')

VarX  = Warehouse Code(s) to check (separate with comma)

VarY  = Inventory Code(s) to check (separate with comma)


Clones:  See also ID573 and ID574 to allow different variables to different To/CC.

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