ID513 - Send Copy of Equipment Sales Invoice to Sales Rep, Overview & Sample

Emails copy of Equipment Sales Invoice to Sales Rep for reporting points to manufacturer

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Sales reps can apply for points from manufacturers by going to the mfg's website and entering in the sales invoice/serial#'s for their sales. Of course we all know it's the manufacturers way of "buying" the details of all our sales to our customers for their equipment. And history has shown the manufacturers do not hesitate to use this information against the dealers if/when the relationship is discontinued. Some dealers have their sales reps use the dealership name as the "customer" name when registering the sales information for their points so the mfg's never really has the customers actual information.

This alert will provide the salesrep the required information so they can register the sale, but you can specify whether the invoice copy to the rep includes the actual Customers' name or uses your dealership name instead. The invoice can also not print any items on the invoice if that item is assigned to the category you specify. The invoice goes as a PDF file to the sales rep on that invoice. 

Run Schedule: Daily

Type of Output: Email


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Variable W: (REQUIRED) Sets if actual Customer Name/Address or your Company Name/Address shows on invoice 

Company = your actual company info (branch specific)

Customer = your customer's actual info


Variable X: (REQUIRED) Enter Order Type(s) to consider, separated by comma OR leave Blank to consider Equipment as default Order Type

Variable Y: Inventory Item Category assigned to "dummy" items that should not print on this invoice copy (only one entry please). Leave this variable blank if not using "dummy" items. Dummy items may be, for example, "Upgrade/Buyout", "Connectivity Fees", or "Set Up Toner".

This variable will prevent item detail from showing on invoice based on Item Category Code seen on Item Records:



Variable 1: (REQUIRED) Select level of $$ amounts to show on invoice copy or to suppress all $$


Show $$ for Details and Total = shows line item level price AND invoice total

Show only invoice total $ = shows only invoice total, no item level price

Suppress all $$ amounts = shows no pricing at all

Do you want invoice to showing any dollar amounts?


Variable 2: Select what triggers 3rd party billing invoices to be sent to the rep

(3rd Party Invoices are Bill To is not linked to any Parent or Location Customer Records)

Paid = PDF Invoice will be emailed to rep on day invoice is paid

Created = PDF Invoice will be emailed to rep on day invoice is created

Variable 3: Indicate the # of days 'After' either invoiced or created (per Variable2) to wait before sending to rep 


Variable 4: Select what triggers direct billed invoices to be sent to the rep (Paid or Created)

Variable 5: (REQUIRED) Indicate the # of days 'After' either invoiced or created (per Variable4) to wait before sending to rep. **Some clients want to wait 7 days after billing to allow for adjustments etc. that might come up

Variable 6: If you want to 'EXCLUDE' certain branch invoices from this alert, enter the branch numbers (not name) to exclude, separating branch numbers with a comma 

Variable 8: Indicate if the report should use the actual Item# from the item record, or if you want to use the item# from the linked PO (example: Canon Financial requires that Spiff invoices use the Item# from the PO for the item) or the Sales Order.


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Alert Functionality

Alert Functionality

-Alert considers ONLY Order Types per your VariableX setting. Then PDF invoice format is based on the remaining variable settings. Please be sure to review your variable setting on your alert subscription



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Best Practices & Tips

Best Practices & Tips

-If you're not using any dummy items on your equipment sales orders then just leave VariableY blank. Dummy items may be, for example, "Upgrade/Buyout", "Connectivity Fees", or "Set Up Toner". If you have questions on this, please contact us and we will further explain how the client uses these dummy items to help in the disbursement of funding checks when the deal involves buyouts and or service buy downs or any other special distribution.



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