ID513 - Send Copy of Equipment Sales Invoice to Sales Rep, Overview and Sample

Sales reps can apply for points from manufacturers by going to the manufacturer's website and entering in the sales invoice/serial serial numbers for their sales. Of course, we all know it's the manufacturer's way of "buying" the details of all our sales to our customers for their equipment. And history has shown the manufacturers do not hesitate to use this information against the dealers if/when the relationship is discontinued.

Some dealers have their sales reps use the dealership name as the "customer" name when registering the sales information for their points so the manufacturers never really have the customer's actual information. This alert will provide the sales rep the required information so they can register the sale, but you can specify whether the invoice copy to the rep includes the actual customer's name or uses your dealership's name instead by putting the appropriate word in VariableW as "Customer" (to show actual customer) or "Company" (to show your dealership name on the invoice for the sales rep) The invoice goes as a PDF file to the sales rep on that invoice.

Another twist to this is that it will not print any items on the invoice if that item is assigned to the category you specify in VariableX. At our original client, they created an inventory category "Dummy" to assign to the expense items that they created and used on invoices that should not print (nor be calculated) into the total from a customer's viewpoint (like "Service Buy Down" or "Lease Buyout"). The client used those dummy items to reduce the amount due on the invoice for accounting purposes so that the lease funding amount would trigger that the "over payment" needed to be applied elsewhere within the system (initial contract, AP check to leasing company for buyout, etc.).

If you're not using any dummy items on your equipment sales orders then just leave VariableX blank. If you have questions on this, please contact us and we will further explain how the client uses these dummy items to help in the disbursement of funding checks when the deal involves buyouts and or service buy downs or any other special distribution.


Variables include:

  • Enter either Company/Customer/Dummy (Company=your actual company info (branch specific), Customer=your customer's actual info, Dummy=your actual company info)

  • Ordertype(s)(Equipment sales order types by default, if your using a list of order types, separate by commas)

  • Inventory item category assigned to "dummy" items that should not print on this invoice copy

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