ID424 - Sales Order Created for Specified Order Type where Item or Order Total Margin below Specified%, Overview and Sample

Notifies of orders created below specified margin.

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Is Sales giving away equipment and/or supplies?  Are your sales order personnel doing favors for friends?  Or is the pricing in the item file not set up properly?

Will notify each time a sales order is created with margin% below what you've designated. Alert logic set to consider margin % at BOTH individual item level and total order level. See variable details below. 

Run Schedule: every 15-minutes

Type of Output: Email


*  *  *


Sample showing triggered for Item Level Amount Margin:


Sample showing triggered for Total Order Amount:



*  *  *




Variable W: Order Type(s) (not description) to consider, separate multiples with comma (REQUIRED)

Variable X: ITEM level margin Target (enter as whole number, no % or decimals please) Enter 0 to have this alert ignore line item margins and to only fire at Order Total Level. (REQUIRED)

Variable Y: Order Total Margin Target (enter as whole number, no % or decimals please) (REQUIRED)

Variable Z: Customer Type(s) to check (separated by comma, leave blank for all)

Customer Type found in Customer Record Account tab;


Variable 1: Branch Numbers to trigger on, (separated by comma, or blank for all)



*  *  *

Alert Functionality

-Alert fires at time order is created, not at at time invoice is created as the point is to catch the problem before it is invoiced. 


-This alert pulls cost from the average cost of the item. If you click availability for that item in eAuto you will see the average cost in the top right of the window


You can also see average cost of item under Item Level detail in Sales Order:


-It will ignore sales orders ONHOLD until they are released.

-For Supply Orders it will ignore equipment under contract and billed at $0. 

-The Message Column on the email from the alert is pulling from Messages tab in Sales Order:


*  *  *


Best Practices & Tips

-Alert will not consider orders billed at $0.00 when item linked to contract. Be sure contract number referenced and bill box is not checked:



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Related Alerts

ID878 - available clone/separate subscription so you can set variables differently


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