Fixing Sales Orders Not Properly Fulfilled

Sales Orders that are not properly fulfilled can cause issues in eAutomate where the status on the sales order will not show as fulfilled, even if the order has been invoiced.
Status is Open (Fulfilled), Open (Prebilled) or Open (PreFulfilled)
Why does this happen?
  1. Order was fulfilled multiple times.
  2. Item on sales order was canceled, but is billed on sales invoice.


How do you fix these issues?
  1. Void the sales invoice and reverse the fulfillment.
    1. Right click on the sales invoice and select void; if there are any associated payments on the invoice you will see a pop up message listing them:SO_Status_Fix_2.jpg
    1. If there are any payments against the invoice, you will need to first void those payments before you will be able to void the sales invoice. To do this:
      1. Make note of the payment numbers
      2. Go to the Accounts Receivable Console, find the payments and make note of the date of the payment and any reference number.
      3. Right click on the payment and choose Void Customer Payment.
  1. Add any notes in the Void remarks to indicate why you are voiding the order.
    1. Note that the Voiding Sales Invoice popup will show you both the date and period of the original transaction and the date and period of the voiding transaction. If you wish to have the voiding transaction post in the same period as the original transaction, you may need to open a closed GL period. Click on No to not cancel the invoice, adjust the GL period and then come back and void the invoice.SO_Status_Fix_3.jpg
  1. The sales invoice should now show as Open; check that:
    1. Any item that is showing as canceled should be canceled and you don't want to fulfill that item.
    2. The items are showing in the correct warehouse and bin for fulfillment.
  2. Once the sales order is ready, fulfill the order again and create a new invoice.
    1. The date on the invoice will default to today's date, the same as the credit memo created when the original sales invoice was voided in step 2. As long as the credit memo and new invoice post to the same GL period, the costs and revenue will all offset each other.
  3. The sales order should now show as "fulfilled".
  4. Reapply the customer payments to the new invoice.

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