ID890 exception errors - Service Call Sync Exception

Some general things to check (in no particular order):
The exception email will tell you which Dealer is the Sender and which is the Receiver.
At the Receiving Dealer: Does this Equipment have a Bill Code? We can't use the Bill Code from the Sending Dealer because Bill Code is not universal across Dealers. We inherit the Bill Code from the Equipment. Bill Code is required on all Equipment that is configured for sync via ID890. It is also a CEO Juice Best Practice to have a valid Bill Code assigned for all Equipment.
At the Receiving Dealer: Do the Codes specified in your ID890 Subscription (Call Type, Call Priority, Cancel Code, Hold Code, etc.) correspond (exactly) to values in your eAutomate?
At the Sending and Receiving Dealer: Check the Call Type Categories specified in your ID890 Variable Hidden3 Subscription. Is the service call being filtered out because either you (or the other dealer, you would need to check with them) preventing the Call Type Category from syncing? 
At the Sending Dealer: Does the Description (or other free text fields, like notes) contain unusual characters? SQL server simply does not like some characters. We do a pretty thorough check for that already, but you may have a combination that we didn't anticipate.
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