ID186 - Report by Tech warehouse where Min > 0 and no QtyonHand for tech , Overview and Sample

This is a slight variation on the Dead inventory report alert we have built. This alert checks for items in your Field Techs car stock warehouse where an item has a MinQty level > 0, but the tech has no qty on hand for that item. You must create an attribute (if you haven't already for other alerts) that is a Yes/No type, and assigned to the employees custom property configuration to indicate that an employee is a field tech so we know to report on only employees warehouses where the customer property is set to YES. The report goes to the tech, their manager, and whomever else you specify in the To/CC addresses on the subscription and shows the item, description, minstock level, maxstock level, and last time item was used from that warehouse on a service invoice.

Sample Output includes Tech Name, Warehouse, Item# and Description, PO# (if linked), DueDate (if available), Stock Min, Stock Max, Last Used Date and/or Last Transaction Date:


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