ID449 - Unfilled Sales Orders where Required Date <= Today Overview & Sample:

Alert sent on your schedule that shows all the sales orders that are open with a required date set as the same as today or required date that has already passed. Client uses the required date to determine when we have committed to a client that they will receive their supplies order. This will let our order desk know what to watch for in the morning to make sure its released and then again in the afternoon they will see if any order was committed to go to the client but is still sitting in backorder. This will queue them to call the client proactively. The conditions are: * Req. Date - Is the same as or prior to- Today's Date * Status- NOT the same as- Fulfilled * Status- NOT the same as- Canceled

ID449 Output as shown below includes:  SO Number, Customer, Item, Description, Back Order, Quantity, $Amount, Available Warehouse, Quantity on Order/PO, PO Number, and Requisition Date



This alert has 1 Variable:

VarW = OrderTypes to include (ie: supply, equipment, etc). Separate list with commas. If left blank then alert will use 'Supply')

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