ID122 - Closed Service Calls for FMAudit Installations, Overview & Sample

Installation of FMAudit in new accounts is the most critical part of implementing that system. Dealers who are having the most success with FMAudit have embraced the challenges of installing and maintaining the software in their accounts and use the dispatch system to create calls for their techs for installation. They do this creating specific calls for a specific problem code (FMInstall for example) so that they have a specific closed call as evidence that the software was installed and tested. They then can notify the appropriate personnel that FMAudit is in an account so that others can continue with their part of the process (linking the FMAudit records to e-automate, to their CRM, etc). This alert is only useful for dealerships who embrace the idea of a separate FMAudit call for the tech for the installation, and this alert is only for completed calls.

 In order for these Contra alerts to you setup the Problem codes for call resolution are critical. For example, they should all start with FM ...and you should have only one that is used to indicate a successful Install (FMInstall) for example..and you might have multiples to indicate problems that prevented the succesful install (FMPCProb, FMCustDecline, so on and so on for the level of detail you want to track ).

There is a second alert to list all the FMAudit installs that failed, see here for ID123.

Sample Output includes, Location (Name, Address, City), Calltype, Close Date, Repair Hours, Call# and Rescheduled Call# if applicable: ID122.png

This alert has 1Variable:

 Variable W (ProblemCode setup in e-automate used on your FMAud)

ProblemCode setup in eAutomate used on your FMAudit Install service calls
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