ID123 - FMAudit Calls where installation was not Successful, Overview & Sample

This is the contra alert for ID122 (Succesful FMAudit installs). ID122 works by reporting all the calls with the Problem code you specify in VariableW for that event, and that problemcode should indicate the successful installation. This alert is to report all the un-successful installations, so instead of listing all the possible reasons different dealerships might want to track, we use some logic around your Problem Codes. You would need to have all your FMAudit problem codes start with FM for example..and have only one of those problem codes indicate success...while all the others would be reasons why the install was not successful (pc issues, customer declined, firewall issues, etc..). Some Examples we've seen used are: FMREFUSE: FM AUDIT REFUSAL FROM THE CUSTOMER FMRDSI

Sample Output Includes:  Repair Code, Problem Code, Call Type, Technician, Customer Name, Call Number, Call Close Date, Problem Code Description


Variables Include:
Problem code for your succesful install (i.e. FMInstall)
  • First two Characters of all your problem codes used for FMAudit calls. (ie:"FM" assuming you make all your FMAudit problem codes start with "FM")

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