ID469 - Stop Estimated Meter on Specific Equipment, Overview and Sample

There may be certain equipment where you never want to have an estimated meter. We can't really stop estimated meters, so all we can do is alert when one is created for a specific piece of equipment. This alert will let you know when an estimated meter is entered for equipment where you have the custom property set to 'Yes' to alert on estimated meter. We set the custom property up as a Yes/No type with default set to No'.

Custom Property is set on the equipment record in EAuto:


Sample Output of ID469 includes Equipment Customer Name, Equipment Number, Meter Source, Reading Date, Reference, Creator ID, Meter Type, Display, Is Valid for Billing, Is Estimate, and Remarks:


This alert has 1 variable:

CustomPropertyAttribute on EquipmentRecord to indicate meter estimates are allowed (Yes/No)

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