ID596 - Specialty Sales Order Requiring Attention Created (per Order Type) Overview & Sample:

This simple alert will trigger when a Sales Order of type VariableW is created. The idea is that some specialty order types (non-standard items likes software, or specialty networking services, as examples) require certain people in the organization to be notified so they can act. This alert will advise them as soon as the SO is created so they can expedite whatever orders or arrangements are required. VariableW is required for this alert to work. Leaving VariableW blank will not make it trigger on all Order Types.

Sample Output contains Sales Order Number, Customer Name, Date, Requisition Date, Status, Sales Rep, Description, Amount Billed, Amount Fulfilled, Amount Shipped, Amount Picked, Job Number and Purchase Order Number:




This alert has 2 Variables:

VarW = Order Types on which to trigger (separated with comma)

VarX   = 'Yes' to hide $0 invoices, otherwise 'No'


Note:  For information on Jobs in Sales Orders:  

Set up jobs in Eautomate under Tools/Jobs:


To set up jobs:  


To link a job to a sales order:


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