ID487 - Checking Equipment Customer/Contract Customer Agreement Overview & Sample:

This alert assumes your standard practice is to match the Equipment Customer and the Contract Customer exactly, and that you follow that standard practice unwaveringly. We are not responsible for bad news the first time you run this alert. It performs a simple check to make sure that any equipment on contract has the same Equipment Customer as the Contract Customer. It runs weekly or monthly, as required, and will by default report any given mismatch only once, on the assumption that if you don't fix it you must want it that way. If you want to check Equipment Customer/Equipment Location agreement use ID48

The equipment customer can be found in the equipment record in EAutomate

where highlighted below:



The Contract Customer can be found in the contract record in EAutomate where highlighted below:



ID487 Sample Output as shown below includes the Contract#, Contract Customer#, Contract Customer Name, Equipment #, Equipment Customer#, and Equipment Customer Name: 



This alert has no variables.

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