ID361 - New Sales Order Created for Customers with Custom Property VariableW Enabled Overview & Sample:

Client wanted to know anytime a Sales Order was created for specific customers. Alert will fire for ALL Sales Order Types where Custom Property set on Customer Record with value Yes. **Please note: Customer Record must be assigned as Main Customer on Sales Order. See ID324 to fire on BillTo of Sales Order.

This alert is a great way to monitor those high-priority customers and be aware they have a new order in progress, so you can make sure orders flow through the system and to the customer without interruption.

Custom Property is ZCJAlertOnNewSalesOrder, and when set to yes in the EAutomate customer record, will notify you when order placed for that customer (no matter the order type)  See below:



ID361 Sample Output contains Item#, Item Description, Quantity, Price, Extended Price, Model, Equipment Number, and Contract Number:


This alert has 1 Variable:

VarW = ZCJAlertOnNewSalesOrder


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