ID545 - Contracts Meter Groups used or about to use its covered copies Overview & Sample

If you have an expire-by-copies annual contract where your customer uses all clicks included in the 1st few months, the overage bill won't generate until the contract is up at the end of the year and may be massive. Resulting in an upset customer or an unpaid bill.

This process is designed to monitor expire by copies contracts and advise when the customer has used the base number of clicks and is about to move into overage. The alert checks weekly, calculating total number of clicks that will be billed to the client (using most recent valid meters, this alert will be of no use to you if you only take meters once a year) and advising you once the contract has used W% of its allowed copies on any given meter group. It will report usage-to-date on all meter groups at that time. Variable X is the percentage you want to be alerted on for a second time.

Currently, e-auto does not advise when a specific meter group has used its allowance and only advises when all meter groups on the contract combined have used the allowance. This will notify you at the meter group level that the allowance is used up, as e-agent will not catch these contracts accurately.

**Please see THIS LINK on best practice for set up of Usage Contracts (this best practice must be adhered to in order for this alert to work for you).**

On the Contract Record, the Expiration Copies field is the total of ALL covered copies in meter groups that are included in expiration. Additionally, the Percent Complete is based on the total of ALL covered copies. This also means your e-auto Reports and Renewal Queue are calculating based on ALL covered / combined meter group usage. 
Our alert calculates on the individual meter group usage against the covered copies for that group. It will evaluate each meter group individually and let you know when either one is close to meeting it's covered copies amount in the individual meter groups.



Must be entered in decimal format 

Variable W - % Threshold to trigger (in decimal, so '.90' for 90%)

Variable X  - % Threshold to be notified on 2nd time (if you wish to have a difference) (in decimal, so '.95'  for 95%)

Variable Y  - Branch Numbers to trigger on, separated by comma, or leave blank for ALL


Shows % complete, sorted by contract #


 Missing Routine Reads - indicates no recent meters entered in last 3-months:


Equipment Record must be set to collect meters regularly based on 'Equipment Meter Reading Cycle", at least quarterly:


Missing Start Reads - indicates no start meters entered for contract


 This is where Start Read MUST be entered:




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