ID521 - Sales Order Shipments processed but missing TrackingNumber, Overview and Sample

Only for clients using our UPS Integration (details on UPS integration at VariableW is where you specify the ShippingCompany (that you setup in eautomate and assign to your shipmethods) that you expect all shipments to have trackingnumbers associated with that shipment in eautomate. This alert was built for a client who was having issues where the sales orders were showing as "Shipped" in e-Automate but for whatever reason the order was not processed thru their UPS WorldShip integration. As part of the UPS integration, when the package is shipped in Worldship the tracking number is pushed back into the Shipment Record in e-Automate. Based upon this process, if there are Shipments in e-Automate shipped via "UPS" but the shipment has not been updated with the tracking numbers then there might be a problem as to the product being actually shipped to the customer (a part of the process was missed so that shipment needs to be checked with the shipping department). This alert works ONLY for clients who's process expects that all shipments in e-Automate for the specified shipping company(s) have tracking numbers associated with that shipment in e-Automate.

Sample Output of ID521 includes, Shipping Company, Ship to Name, Sales Order Number and Date:


This Alert has the following variables:
ShippingCompany for shipmethods to check separated by comma (UPS, FEDEX)
OrderType(s) to check (list of your ordertypes separated by comma)

Variable Y BranchNumbers for alert to trigger on (leave blank for ALL)


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