ID155 - Call Closed for Contract Inspection / Termination / Collect Toner Overview & Sample:

ID155 will notify your contract admin team of contract inspections and/or terminations so they can take the appropriate action. This alert will provide a way for them to be notified when a specific call is closed, i.e was an inspection done, does there need to be a contract set up now? or do parts need to be installed first and charged to customer?,  would customer need to sign off on first etc...When taking equipment under contract that has not been covered  under one of your contracts previously, it is typical to inspect the equipment first and bring it up to spec before the contract goes into effect. And for some dealerships, when a customer terminates a contract they want to send a tech out for a final call to pickup any extra toner/supplies that might have been stockpiled by the customer. In both of these cases, the contract/supply dept needs to be notified so they can activate / deactivate the contract once the appropriate call type has been closed. VariableW is where you enter in the calltype for your Contract Inspection call (taking new equipment under contract), and VariableX is where you enter the calltype for your Contract Termination call. The ToAddress information is typically your contract administrator(s), and we typically recommend that you have setup a mail group for your contract admins, or at a minimum for your admin billing dept and send these types of alerts to that group vs. hardcoding in specific users names. This task will run at 5:30 pm for all calls for the select call types for that day.

Sample output contains Location Name, Customer Name, Call#, Call Description, Call Creator, Equipment #, Model, Serial#, Meter Display, Remarks:



This alert has 2 Variables:

VarW = Problem Code Call Type used for contract inspection (multiple types separated by comma)

VarX  = Problem Code Call type for contract termination call (multiple types separated by comma)

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