ID523 - Lease Expiration Notification W Days before Expiration, Overview and Sample

To alert the appropriate person(s) of leases expiring within the next W days. Alerts 64 & 65 were built to be sales alerts for W Months prior to expiration to hopefully have your sales reps engage with the client at the proper point in the renewal phase. This alert would indicate leases that are now about to expire and are still active and action needs to be taken to help the customer avoid the lease going into automatic renewal. If you want to include renewal notes from the leases (the little "yellow sticky" pad icon on Leases) then indicate the NoteType you are using to input notes in VariableX.

 ID523 Sample Output contains Sales Rep Name, Customer Name, Lease Number, Lease Company, Start Date, Lease Type, Termination Date, Equipment Payment $, Financed Amount, and Notes, as shown below:


This alert has 2 Variables: 

VarW = Days Until Expiration

VarX  = NoteType used for Notes on Lease




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