ID850 - Show Appointments not Completed (Compass/Sherpa) Overview & Sample:

Keep your sales rep up to date with this daily email to them showing appointments per VariableW activity types (or excluding per VariableX) not completed. Daily until fixed, we can do a bulk update to clean up before starting.

Sample output of ID850 shown below was set to look back 5 days.  It includes the Company Name, Contact Name, Activity to Perform, Objective, Appointment Date, and any Notes:


This alert has 3 variables:


VarW = List activities you want to INCLUDE in alert, separate by comma. If you want all categories, enter "All

VarX  = List activities you want to EXCLUDE in alert, separate by comma

VarY  = Days back to look for incomplete data, default is 30 days. If you want to show all incomplete appointments, enter 0

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