ID776 - Incorrect address shipping charges

Currently, UPS charges $13.40 every time you ship something with an incorrect address (FedEx also). Check your UPS bill and see the line for Adjustments & Other Charges, for the clients we worked with they are seeing hundreds of dollars each month.

This process will check the ship to address on your eAutomate customer record and compare it to a master database, highlighting the incorrect addresses, with the number of shipments to those addresses and the option for us to correct them.

We may have additional charges for this process, see this post for details.

We are currently building the API to allow us to get the master database in place. We need to test against some beta clients to see what fields would be updated and ensure we would not be correcting some specific fields especially in the 1st address line, needed to identify the location.

We will add more details here when available.

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