ID852 - High Profile Accounts not contacted in X days Overview & Sample:

Ever lose a customer you'd had for years, just assuming they would stay with you?  Everything can be going well, but sometimes out of site is out of mind.  When a competitor gets their ear, your customer may see this non-action as taking them for granted (since you never checked on them)  Sure, you ran the reports, you looked at the numbers, but do THEY know that?

ID852 will provide your sales people a weekly list of Major Accounts (or potential major accounts) not contacted in the last 90 days (or X days), with process to move them to another rep if not contacted.

Sample Output of ID852 contains Company Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Type, and Last Contact Date and Time, as shown below:


This alert has 4 Variables:

VarW = Days since last contact recorded in Sherpa

VarX  =  Major Account designation (separate by comma)

VarY  = Activities to exclude (separate by comma)

VarZ  = Activities to include (separate by comma), if left blank will include ALL Admin & System activities from Compass Sherpa

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